When it comes to fleet management, the topic is, do I want to track my fleet, or use an in vehicle car camera to watch what goes on in the cab.

There are two distinct sides on this issue.

First, with Fleet Tracking System, you get real time data, starts, stops, fuel mileage, all things that can help you manage your fleet. These areas have help small and large fleet owners lower operating cost from an users point of view.

Now comes along the affordable in vehicle car camera from Safety Track. Now you can ride along with your drivers, see what they see. This can be an important feature when it comes to training and safety. Insurance companies are taking a long hard look at these camera systems for fleets. Now you can verify if your truck hit or was hit by another vehicle.

Use it for training. Are you drivers running your trucks hard, accelerating fast, braking hard? Watch to see if they are on the phone texting or just talking.

This now changes how the fleet industry looks at fleet management. Take a look at how it can impact your fleet.

Contact Safety Track today at 888-286-9829 and see just how affordable this new technology really is. www.safetytrack.net/in-vehicle-camera

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