The National Transportation Safety Board has released a new list of of areas they want to focus on to increase transportation safety.  They’ve targeted 10 different areas to crack down on including Safety Management Systems, Bus Occupant Safety, Teen Driver Safety, Recorders, Driver Fatigue, and more.   You can click here to read the entire list.

One startling statistic revealed was that car crashes account for more deaths among teens than anything else, killing an average of 8 teenagers every single day.  That’s more deaths than cancer, gun violence, or drugs among the teenage age group.  It’s clear why the NTSB wants to crack down on this issue, and parents should do the same.  Teen tracking still appears to be the most effective method to hold young drivers accountable and keep them safe.

For over three decades, the NTSB has been pushing businesses to implement effective Safety Management Systems.  The reason behind this is simple, year after year accidents occur which are proven to be prevented by Safety Management Systems.  With the aide of modern technology, Fleet Safety and Training has become increasingly easier and cheaper to implement into any sized business.  Considering the potential to prevent injuries and deaths, it’s good to see the NTSB furthering their campaign to mandate Safety Management Systems.

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