Most U.S. Driver’s Engage In ‘Distracting’ Behaviors: Poll

An interesting poll from Harris Interactive/HealthDay reveals that most U.S. driver’s admittedly distract themselves from the road.  Behaviors such as talking on the cell phone, eating or drinking, grooming, or fiddling with their GPS device are commonplace according to the poll conducted.

Take a look at these figures.  According to the poll, 86% of driver’s admitted to eating/drinking behind the wheel, 59% talk on a non-hands-free cell phone, 41% set or adjust their GPS device, and 37% text while driving.  Unfortunately, a quarter of respondents said they have driven after having two or more drinks, and 44% said they’ve felt sleepy while driving and momentarily doze off at times.  Click here to read the full article with all the provided statistics at Harris Interactive/HealthDay.

It’s important that driver’s are held accountable for their actions to keep them safe.  Fleet and driver safety is extremely important at Safety Track, which is why we offer a powerful In Vehicle Camera, recent winner of the 2011 Best Practice Award from the NSA.  If you’d like help with safety in your fleet, give us a call at 888-286-9829 or e-mail us at [email protected] and we’d be more than happy to help.