DOT Issues Distracted Driving Guidelines TechnologyVehicle interior technologies are rapidly advancing with improved device integration, new comfort controls, and touch screens that resemble computer tablets. Prompted by these recent technology changes, the DOT has issued a set of guidelines targeted towards reducing distracted driving in relation to in-vehicle technology.

With driver safety as their top concern, the DOT has made 5 recommendations to automakers:

Reduce the complexity of in-vehicle devices, and the amount of time it takes to use those devices;

To limit system operations to require only one hand;

To limit the time required to glance at a device to no more than 2 seconds;

To limite the amount of unnecessary visual information in the driver’s field of view;

To limit the number of manual inputs needed to operate a device.

It’s hard to argue with any of these points as distracted driver trends have consistently increased with in-vehicle technology.

Read the full article regarding this issue here.

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