Vehicle Camera Prevent the Risk of Taxi Cab Theft RobberiesTransporting random people throughout large cities, both day and night, can be a very dangerous job. The risk factor is especially increased when each day’s income is on hand. Criminals generally see taxi drivers as easy targets, and robberies are far from uncommon. Unfortunately, the same holds true for violent crimes and homicides.

So what can taxi drivers do to protect themselves?

The immediate impact of seeing a vehicle camera, mounted in clear site, is proven to be enough to deter most robberies. When a potential criminal knows his/her actions will be caught on tape, they’re very likely to think twice and choose an easier target. Also, vehicle cameras help discourage passenger misbehavior and rowdiness, especially during the night.

Additionally, has prepared a safety list based on solid evidence that can help protect taxi driver’s well-being, both physically and financially. The list highly recommends surveillance vehicle cameras, as well as radios, safety training, and encouraged use of debit/credit card transactions.

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