With the down turn in the economy, the question arises of the ROI of GPS Fleet Tracking.
Small business owner, feeling the pinch in lower sales may question do I want to spend the money and track my fleet vehicles.
Here are a couple of things to think about.
Fleet productivity seems to increase once the drivers know that they are being watched. “We have seen a reduction in overtime and an increase in productivity” says Bob, plant manager of LKQ

Idle time…

has been the biggest eye opening area of fleet tracking. Customers are seeing through new eyes what exactly is happening once their trucks leave the premise.
With our fleet idle calculator, you can see just how much fuel is being wasted just from the idle time. A typical truck can waste one gallon of fuel during idling. If your trucks idle for three hours during their deliveries, then your driver unknowingly can be wasting $14.00 a day in fuel. If that is the case in a years’ time you could be wasting over $3500.

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