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A Smart Way To Use Your Tax Returns

As tax season approaches… and you anticipate your tax refund, thoughts run rapid through your mind as to how you should spend your tax money. A good thing to look into would be investing in something that would contribute to increasing safety, protecting your assets, and saving more money in the future! No matter the situation… whether you are a …

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Key Steps To Take Now To Optimize Fuel-Cost Savings

Increasing a vehicle’s fuel economy by 1 mpg can save a 300-vehicle fleet as much as $54,000 per year. Fleet managers can take action today to start decreasing fuel consumption in executive vehicle fleets. A fleet manager can’t control the market forces driving average national fuel prices to $4 per gallon in some markets, eating into the company’s bottom line. …

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Hours of Service: Extremely Important

Importance of Recording Hours Hours of Service (HOS) is one of the most crucial elements as pertains to the trucking industry, and is not something that should be observed lightly. Many companies over the years have allowed drivers to keep their own logs manually and that came with false information and long unrecorded driving hours. Needless to say these actions …

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Diesel Fuel Prices To Increase in 2013?

As we begin a brand new year… we wonder how much the price of diesel fuel will increase or decrease over the course of 2013. While there is no way to be 100% sure, there are many sources that we can use to create an estimate of where the prices may go. During the final 11 weeks of 2012 the …

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How Will The Fiscal Cliff Impact Gas Prices?

Every news media outlet over the past several weeks has been buzzing about the fiscal cliff and exactly how much it will impact the people of the United States. While taxes are a key focus of concern there are also several other factors that pertain to the fiscal cliff scenario. One of the more prominent concerns coming up in conversations …

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