Safety Track Ribbon Cutting This Friday!

sign4Safety Track has now moved into their new office located on Main Street in Belleville and would like to celebrate this accomplishment! Come join us this Friday June 21st at 11AM for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in downtown Belleville.

Joining the Safety Track office for this Ceremony will be Senator Patrick Colbeck, City Officials of Belleville, the Belleville Chamber of Commerce, and many others!

Safety Track is very excited to have expanded to their new office and would like to show it off to all in the community that would like to see!

There will be snacks and refreshments available for any who join in to the celebration

Come visit us at 249 Main Street Belleville, MI this Friday June 21st at 11AM and help us officially open the NEW Safety Track Office


New Location up and running for Safety Track!

signsign2Starting June 1 Safety Track moved into a new office now located on the main street of Belleville. The move has been a great step forward for Safety Track and a great success during the transition. The new office gives safety track a lot more office space and more visibility on the main street of Belleville.

Today our new sign was hung outside the office for all to see.


So if driving around the Belleville area stop by and welcome us to our new office!

Safety Track Expands to a New Site

Throughout the month of May Safety Track was moving forward into a newer, bigger, better office space to better fit the needs of the growing business. Along with this big move, other forms of the company have been growing as well. Safety Track is proud to introduce a new website that has been launched to show all of their camera products. will now cover all information on the cameras that Safety Track carries. Along with the In-Vehicle-Camera that Safety track has become known very well for we are introducing many other camera options to the mix.

Some of the new products from Safety Track Cameras are:

  • The 4-Channel Fleet DVR camera System. Much like the In-Vehicle-Camera, the 4-channel camera will offer video recording for a fleet management system but now with [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]more[/highlight] cameras, camera angles, and views. [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Coming soon to this product will be WIFI support.[/highlight]
  •  A backup camera for any fleet looking to improve their safety with a 7” LCD monitor and [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]night vision/waterproof capabilities.[/highlight]
  • Wireless backup camera to help improve fleet safety with a 7” LCD monitor able to support up to [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]four cameras with no wires connecting them[/highlight]. Also including night vision and waterproof capabilities.
  • the Avenger Sports Camera, a [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Waterproof, HD, High Speed sports camera[/highlight] perfect for anyone looking to record their action in any sport.

Safety Track is happy to have these new products and looking forward to when the new Live Streaming camera arrives. We hope to see you visit for more information on all of these products. Please feel free to contact us at (888)286-9829 or visit us at