tricksKids always think they’re older and more responsible than they really are. This Halloween season every parent wants to give their child the “responsibility” they want, with the feeling of comfort YOU deserve. Children always think they can “handle things” on their own or make their own decisions; this Halloween let them think they are being adults and going out with their friends by themselves, but you’ll have a trick up your sleeve. Before your little one leaves the house, give them a new, cool “necklace” which can put your mind at ease. The “necklace” is actually in fact a Personal Tracking Unit, or S-911, designed with a lanyard look. The unit is no bigger than those orange peanut butter crackers you always ate as a kid growing up. With a light weight design and easy the use functions, keeping up with your young one will be a breeze.

Functions include:

  • Real Time Alerts- what’s happening right then and now, which can be received through text, email and on the web dashboard.
  • Real Time Locating- pin points exact locations within feet; no more guessing about where your loved one is at.
  • Geo-Fencing- set up a perimeter, or “safe zone” that your child can travel, once they cross the boundary, alerts are sent to your device.
  • G-Shock- alerts your if/when a fall or impact as occurred and alerts your device of where and when the incident occurred.
  • 2-Way Communication- as simple as calling a phone. Call your units personal number and talk live with your loved one. Responding is as easy as pushing a button and talking.


The personal unit tracking is a solution for younger teens and even for grandparents. It’s small, light weight, and very easy to use. With all the functions and capabilities, they get the “responsibility” they want with the peace of mind you need.

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