Many who watch the news are aware of the story that has kept headlines for this past week, the Bronx train derailment. For those of you who haven’t really heard much about it here’s a general over view:

At a little past 7 am a 7 passenger Metro-North train was traveling south into the Bronx when the last curve before the station approached. The curve was a very sharp turn yielding about 30 mph for traveling trains. This Metro-North train was found to be traveling OVER 80 mph through the curve, while the conductor was “asleep.” It was later found that he did not even awake till they were already through the curve, which half way through, the conductor “dumped the brakes” meaning he locked up every brake on all 7 carts. The train of course, derailed and toppled over killing 4 and injuring 63 of the 150 passengers on the train that morning.

  After reading many articles and seeing the news replay the same thing I can only wonder with our high tech world we live in, a few questions were still left unanswered. How didn’t anyone, at the train control center, know how fast this train was going? Then that led to, “Do trains not have SOME sort of GPS and/or Camera system installed to notify control centers of their speeds, location or what their conductors are doing while ‘driving’?” The answer I was shocked to find out was ‘No.’ It blew my mind! How can a train circuit so big and widely used, not know where their trains are and not know AT LEAST how fast they are going. Later after more reading I found out that this wasn’t the first accident this year, earlier another train almost derailed after coming within crashing into another train. I also inquired that they had an opportunity to install sure GPS units to help manage the trains and their whereabouts but declined the offer, but now they want to install them, but they wouldn’t be able to have them till 2018! My question is “WHY WAIT?!” How many more lives need to be lost or how many more “close calls” need to happen before they make a decision to act NOW?


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