Another Father Wants to Track His Daughter

We get these all the time.
A Father calls us up and says he wants to track his Child.
Teen TrackerHe is hesitant to do so.

  • Is the right thing to do?
  • Is he invading her privacy?
  • Is he going to far?

Let me share with you my situation.
I own a tracking company
I have three daughter, one who has moved out and married. Another who has just moved out and a third who is in college.

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Single Lens DashCam

Owner/Operators, this is for you.

Safety Track releases a new Single Single Dashcam.Android App

It has 1080P quality video and is continuous recording device. This means it is recording all the time you are driving.

Ever have an incident that you wanted to show a law enforcement agent that you were not at fault. This is that camera.

single lens dashcam

With it being a continuous recording device, it will keep on recording and rewrite itself. Its only there when you need it.Never worry about a camera facing you, this one has only one. Choose from multiple setting and record rates. it even has an on board screen so you can play back the video right on the spot. No need to take out the SD card and put into a computer.

If insurance rates are driving you crazy and you want to that control of your tractor, then add this single camera system to your next long haul.

Single Lens DashCam Features:

Resolution1080P 25fps
View Angle (F)105
View Angle (I) N/A
StorageSD Class 10
TV outNO
IR RemoteYES
Monitor2.5″ 4:3
Force RecordYES

Improve Fleet Safety with a 4G DashCam

Would the ability to view the inside of your delivery truck, while it is on the road, give you a better idea of what the driver is doing?
Think of it this way. Every driver in your fleet is a sales rep, company rep, or just a traveling billboard for your company.

Improve Fleet safety
Distracted Darryl

Are they a Distracted Darryl?

Flipping off drivers, cutting off drivers, or just not paying attention while they driver.
You could get GPS tracking system. Some even have driver behavior attached to them. Some even give you training video to train your fleet drivers. You may even pay for a safety trainer to come in a talk to your drivers, give them all kinds of helpful advice. But that’s it, it’s only advice. What happens after your driver leaves the office is really a mystery. All the training in the world could go out the window once they turn the corner, unless you have the ability to “see” into the vehicle, in real time.
Imagine, with a click of your mouse, watching into the vehicle. What if you could see into up to 16 vehicle at once. With the our viewer software and 4G DashCam, you can watch up to 16 vehicles and it cost half of what a Janus V2 cost.
Time are changing, fleet tracking is just not enough anymore, you need to protect your fleet and your drivers.

We are a Preferred Partnered on Verizon.Verizon Partner program