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When overseeing fleet trucks, three issues influence every decision you make: cost controls, safety, and customer service. That’s why investing in fleet cameras to help manage your fleet makes sense.

Fleet cameras enable better control and monitoring assets even when they are out of sight. Fleet tracking allows the owner of the vehicles to virtually ride along and monitor driver behaviors, vehicle performance, shipment, progress and other factors which impact your company’s bottom line.

Fleet Cameras Help Manage Risk

Solutions like those provided by Safety Track enable you to use fleet cameras to monitor driver behaviors, identify poor habits and use video to retrain workers.

These cameras act as a witness in the event a vehicle in your fleet is involved in an accident. The video can provide valuable evidence to protect your company and your drivers in lawsuits.

That’s a significant concern for most businesses with fleets since work-related collisions accounted for 40% of all motor vehicle accidents in 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found about 65% of on-the-job deaths of truck drivers are due to motor vehicle crashes. More than 1 in 3 long-haul truck drivers have experienced a serious truck crash during their career, according to the CDC.

Controlling Costs with Fleet Cameras

Cameras can capture repetitive driver habits like hard braking or hard acceleration. These habits can result in increased fuel costs and unnecessary wear and tear on your fleet. 

Fleet cameras also encourage driver productivity because their hours are verifiable and capture real-time footage versus event footage. These cameras don’t rely on a driver pushing an event button. They capture the full event, including actions both before and after an accident. 

Improving Fleet Safety

By monitoring how drivers operate vehicles in your fleet, identifying behaviors that need to change and then implementing training programs using video captured by fleet cameras, a company can eliminate bad driver habits and improve overall safety. Improved driver safety can help prevent accidents, reduce insurance claims costs and lower insurance premiums.

Fleet camera footage can also be used to capture commendable driver behaviors so you can recognize top performers and work to retain your best employees.

Industries that can benefit from installing fleet cameras include:

  • Taxi industry
  • Ambulance services
  • Railroad companies
  • Delivery services
  • Driving schools
  • Bus lines
  • Sweeper trucks

Types of Fleet Camera Solutions

Not all fleets are the same and so they need varied fleet camera solutions. Safety Track offers several types of fleet camera solutions to fit your needs. They are:

UCIT ( pronounced you see it) fleet cameras
This real-time camera solution tracks driving behavior and captures video that can be used for driver training or as evidence in defense against lawsuits. It supports up to four cameras and includes built in GPS and G-force sensors.

UCIT dash cameras
With Safety Track’s award-winning 2 channel dash camera, you can review video, audio,and GPS data using dual camera technology. It’s tamper-resistant and suitable for taxis, buses or any other fleet vehicle.

In-vehicle HD dashcams
These dashcams provide a cost-effective option for small businesses looking for a fast return on investment. These cameras require no exterior security bracket and include built-in Wifi modules. 

Cost control is a major factor for small and large companies alike, and fleet cameras can help these companies remain competitive and save money. 

If you are looking for ways to cut costs and improve performance, check out Safety Track’s solutions.

Safety Track is a one-stop source for GPS tracking and fleet cameras. Since 2002 we’ve been providing companies with a complete line of fleet & trailer tracking along with (elogs) for DOT compliance. Safety Track provides the best solutions and applications to fit you or your company’s needs. Reach out to us for more information.

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