Tips For Commercial Drivers When Being Pulled Over

Life-Saving Tips Commercial Drivers Need To Know When Pulled Over For Speeding

There are 9,717 people killed due to speeding on the road in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), speeding accounted for 26 percent of all recorded traffic fatalities last year. Aside from possible lost lives and severe accidents, speeding and other traffic violations like distracted driving can have an adverse effect for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) owners. These violations can have your CDL revoked if you are a repeat offender. Here are several pointers that you need to know in case you get pulled up for speeding or other traffic violations.   

What You Need To Know About The CDL Speeding Ticket Rules

There are different speeding laws across all the states in the US. That is why it is highly recommended for truck or other professional car drivers to seek legal help if they happen to face speeding violations. In fact, there are several states where you can get more points for speeding violations like Delaware, Colorado and New Mexico. Reaching out to a legal counsel would be a good idea to help you with your case. They are the ones who know how to immediately handle the speeding ticket and any possible traffic violation without having the CDL removed. This will allow CDL holders to continue driving their trucks and other vehicles without the risk of confiscation.

What To Do If You Get Pulled Over?

If you are already caught speeding by a police officer, you must always remember to watch your tone to avoid sounding arrogant. It may be tempting to argue with the officer, but it will only make matters worse. You must also avoid telling lies and remain calm while talking with the officer. You must always keep your hands where the police officer can clearly see them. This will prevent any situation where the officer will get suspicious if you make a sudden movement. More importantly, you must always show your respect to the officer who pulled you over.  

What Will Happen To Your CDL If You Have A Speeding Violation? 

In most states like Florida, you will not be allowed to lessen your penalty points or reduce speeding fines by using the driving school option. So if you already incurred a ticket and it turned into points, you have no other choice but to accept the penalties. If you already received multiple speeding tickets, your CDL will possibly get suspended. And aside from going through all the hassles of going to the traffic courts to deal with your speeding penalties, it will also leave a negative mark on your employment record. If your CDL will get suspended, most trucking companies and other employers with commercial vehicle businesses will most likely disprove your application for their job posting.  Getting caught with speeding violations can be detrimental to your work as a commercial driver. That is why you must always make sure that you are complying with the laws of each state that are included in your route. This will help you avoid any possible complications and allow you to keep your CDL to continue with your work. 

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