Managing a fleet team comes with several risks. What if my fleet isn’t running as scheduled? Is my driver operating at the best of his/her abilities? Is my machinery being taken care of? These are all questions that arise in the mind of a fleet manager. Since most people aren’t able to be in multiple locations at once, most fleet managers are left without answers to these questions. Due to the increase in fleet sweeping technology, such as GPS monitoring and live streaming cameras, today’s modern fleet manager can rest easier. Using this technology gives managers the peace of mind of knowing exactly what’s going on with their fleet. President of Northwest Sweeping, Brady Costelow, has been using fleet monitoring technology from Safety Track for the past few years and he says, “it’s a lifesaver.”

The Joys of Fleet Technology

Costelow says he’s managed fleets for around ten years and says the sweeper technology has made his job much easier. He says he uses the app regularly, and it keeps his mind at ease. “I have a $100,000 piece of equipment that I can watch anytime I want with multiple cameras…it also keeps the guys honest because they feel like someone’s watching them and if there’s a wreck, we can download the video from an SD card and see what happened.”

Costelow usually monitors five or six trucks at a time and uses the app to keep track of the things that matter. “With street sweepers, we’re watching the performance of the truck, not just the driver. We’re able to have a record of how the truck is performing so if clients give us a hard time, which they don’t, but if they did, we’d be able to show them a video of it sweeping.”

Personal Experience w/ Safety Track Technology

Recently, Costelow says using Safety Track’s technology saved a very important piece of equipment from being destroyed by a disgruntled employee. “We had an employee that was always wanting a raise and…he was denied this raise and I decided to watch him that night just to make sure he was doing the job right because sometimes they get disgruntled. I caught him on video driving a street sweeper at about 10-15 miles an hour over speed bumps over and over again.” While this type of behavior isn’t very common, Costelow says without the technology provided to him, he wouldn’t have known exactly what happened. “He was driving it in a way that would have made it more difficult for us to know exactly what happened to the equipment. Without Safety Track we would have never known that he was doing that.”

Why Safety Track?

Northwestern Sweeping uses all of Safety Track’s technology and, Costelow says, it’s included in every truck in his fleet. “It’s part of every truck now. I would put one in my vehicle if I could…the coverage is good and the cellular seems to work just about everywhere.” Costelow adds that he loves the reliability of Safety Track’s technology and insists his business is better because of it. “I use the app on a regular basis. It’s never failed me and I appreciate that so much.” 

Costelow says he prefers dash cams “specifically because it keeps everyone honest. We can watch the drivers and see where they’re going and make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to do.” Monitoring employees’ actions behind the wheel can also mean GPS monitoring. If a manager can keep track of their drivers’ speed and their location at all times, that leaves very little room for error. This can save your business money and can help bring in more clients. “It’s changed everything. I wish I had it a decade ago,” says Costelow. “I would have been able to bring in other investors more easily if they knew they could look at that asset and see it anytime they wanted and see how it’s functioning and make sure it’s on the road. There’s nothing bad about the system. It works great.”

Brady is just one of the many people that have benefited from Safety Track’s technology. The ease of managing your fleet is literally at the touch of a button. If you would like to know more about Brady’s testimonial or find out more about how we can help your business, check out our website. We would be happy to bring you the same peace of mind we brought Brady Costelow and Northwestern Sweeping. 

Safety Track is a one-stop source for GPS tracking and fleet cameras. Since 2002 we’ve been providing companies with a complete line of fleet & trailer tracking along with (elogs) for DOT compliance. Safety Track provides the best solutions and applications to fit you or your company’s needs. Reach out to us at 1-888-286-9829 for more information.

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