Managing a fleet of drivers can come with its own set of challenges. Not only are fleet owners having to manage multiple drivers at a time, but they also have to manage timing, their drivers’ safety, and the safety of their shipments. What if your driver falls ill while driving? What if you have a refrigerated truck malfunction? There are several factors fleet managers have to consider at all times. 

Jeff Stoker is the owner and operator of Safety Track. He has heard and seen almost every type of situation possible when it comes to GPS tracking and fleet management. Being in his position he has also encountered several frequently asked questions related to GPS tracking technology, fleet life, and what it means to manage a fleet of multiple drivers. “I think there’s a lot people don’t consider [about fleet life],” he says.

All About the GPS Tracking

Stoker says he mainly receives questions about GPS tracking and how it relates to fleet management. “I think some of the things we’re hearing more are on the camera end of it because of the ability to see live and all of the things using cameras can do for you. People have a lot of questions about that.” Stoker says that a common misconception made by the drivers themselves is that the cameras installed infringe on privacy. “We aren’t infringing on anyone’s privacy. We’re just making sure our trucks and our drivers are representing our fleet in the best possible way. If they aren’t driving right, that causes a number of issues for the fleet.”

Lately, a number of questions have been posed regarding the ELD Mandate. Stoker says the mandate “confuses people a lot.” “There’s a lot of questions on this subject, yes,” he says. The mandate simply states that operators of commercial motor vehicles will be required to monitor driver activity and GPS tracking with electronic logging devices such as GPS trackers and live fleet cameras. “It just helps keep the fleet on track and makes sure that everything is operating as it should. I think people get scared when they hear it’s a government-issued mandate but there’s a lot of resources out there that can educate people on it.”

What are Some Big Misconceptions about Fleet Life?

Stoker says another big misconception is that anyone can be a fleet driver. The reality, however, is there is a large amount of education and training that goes into it. Drivers are trained before taking on the job and go through consistent training throughout their careers to make sure they are up-to-date on new software, protocol, etc.

Sometimes, Stoker says, fleet managers are forced to acknowledge some drivers are better learners than others. “An example would be you have a fleet of about 20 drivers and cases show maybe 15% of the drivers are the problem child while the other drivers are doing their job diligently and not causing any problems. You then have to figure out how to fix the problem. You can either give them more training or find other ways to make your drivers more effective. Usually, we provide more training but in some cases you just have no choice but to let someone go.”

Fleet management is a heavy job with multiple responsibilities. Stoker’s comments show just how much care and planning goes into managing a fleet of multiple drivers. The respect given to fleet managers is reflected in how they handle their team members and how effective their fleet is at completing their mission. As Stoker pointed out, there are several things people do not consider when they think about what goes into managing a team. To the people out there living and breathing fleet life, just know that Safety Track respects the work you do and we support you and your team. 

Safety Track is a one-stop source for GPS tracking and fleet cameras. Since 2002 we’ve been providing companies with a complete line of fleet & trailer tracking along with (elogs) for DOT compliance. Safety Track provides the best solutions and applications to fit you or your company’s needs. Reach out to us at 1-888-286-9829 for more information.

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