Fleet management for landscaping businesses

Spring and summer are busy months for landscaping businesses, but it can still be challenging to make your business stand out above the competition. Safety Track offers the fleet management solutions you need to set your landscaping business apart from the rest. 

Our Fleet Management Systems give you the tools you need to increase fleet efficiency while saving you money and protecting your investment. With our GPS Fleet Tracking and Fleet Dash Cameras, there are many ways we can help your landscaping business thrive: 

  • Monitoring driving behaviors, routes, and idle times
  • Keeping up with costs for fleet operations and maintenance
  • Modifying routes in real-time to account for traffic 
  • Reviewing vehicle accidents for liability and training purposes

Let’s take a closer look at how fleet tracking can give your landscaping business that extra edge. 

Grow your landscaping business with GPS Fleet Tracking

The Safety Track GPS Fleet Tracking System allows you to easily grow your landscaping business by helping with cost efficiency and logistics. 

Tracking your fleet gives you insight into how much gas your vehicles are using and the amount of time spent at each location. This can help you better understand the overall costs of your fleet in order to make essential budgetary and strategic changes.

Our GPS Fleet Tracking Technology also helps with logistics. Safety Track uses a Google Powered Map to help you re-route drivers in instances of traffic or roadblocks, increasing your fleet efficiency, saving you money on gas, and keeping your customers happy. 

In addition to growing your landscaping business with the help of GPS Fleet Tracking, our fleet management systems can also provide a layer of protection for all aspects of your operation. 

Protect your fleet vehicle investment 

Your landscaping vehicles are always on the move between job sites. You want to make sure that your drivers, passengers, and equipment remain safe. Safety Track Fleet Tracking Systems provide maintenance reports for your fleet to help prolong the life of your vehicles and ensure they are operating safely.

Protect your drivers

Safety Track’s Live Streaming Fleet Dash Cameras also allow you to see and hear everything going on in your vehicles and on the road around them. You can record the live streaming video and use it to address bad driving habits, like speeding or distracted driving, before these behaviors cause an accident. 

Another way Safety Track can help increase safety and efficiency for your landscaping business is with the ADAS System for Fleet Application. This automated system corrects driver behavior for you by using a camera to track the driver’s eyes and monitor for possible distractions. It emits an audible alert to let the driver know when they are making an infraction that could be putting them at risk. 

Protect your business’s reputation

As a landscaping business, your vehicles are a crucial part of your marketing strategy and often carry your branding and contact information. You probably get a fair amount of your clients from people who see your vehicles on the road or in their neighborhoods. Being able to view and correct driving behavior before it becomes a problem is crucial to protecting your brand and your 5-star rating. 

The Live Stream Fleet Cameras can also help you if an accident does occur so you can sort out exactly what happened and who is liable, further protecting your reputation and your bottom line. 

If you are looking for a way to stand out in the landscaping or tree services industry, Safety Track has the fleet management solutions you need for success. 

For almost 20 years, Safety Track has been providing companies with a complete line of fleet & trailer tracking solutions along with (elogs) for DOT compliance. We offer the best tracking solutions and applications to fit you or your landscaping and tree service company’s needs. Contact us at 1-888-286-9829 to find a tracking system that works for you!

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