The biggest worry for a fleet manager is the cost of dealing with accidents and liability claims. Studies show that legal matters are one of the three largest costs to fleet and transportation companies along with fuel expenses and repairs. With a Safety Track Fleet Dash Camera, you always know exactly what happens in the case of an accident so you can rest assured you won’t be held liable for something that isn’t your fault, all while saving money on fuel and repair costs.  

How Safety Track Fleet Dash Cameras Save You Money

Safety Track Live Streaming Fleet Dash Camera System with Integrated GPS Fleet Tracking allows you to view your driver in real time. The video is uploaded to the cloud with any additional reporting from the G-Force sensors so that you can use the information for future safety training and other changes that could help your bottom line. 

Save on legal fees: The ability to view and record a live stream of your driver provides undeniable video evidence that can protect you if your company is sued for an accident that wasn’t your fault. 

Prevent accidents and medical expenses: This system features up to 8 cameras that record simultaneously based on your needs. Continuous recording ensures that you never miss a moment, and you can stream in real time with 4G so it feels as if you were riding along with your driver. You can view the feed and make changes to your driver’s behaviors so that they are safer in the future. 

Lower your insurance premiums: Safety Track Fleet Dash Cameras are a great tool for lowering insurance premiums and reducing complaints. Many insurers offer discounts for vehicles equipped with dash cams, and you can use the footage to address complaints. 

Cut down on fuel costs: The built-in GPS feature with Google Maps integration allows you to see where your driver is at any point via satellite and street view. Along with the Vehicle Route Tracker,  you can track where your drivers have been and where they are going at all times. This way you can make sure your drivers are always taking the most efficient routes and not spending too much time idling, which can save you hundreds in fuel costs. 

Avoid costly repairs: G-Force Sensors detect sudden stops, hard acceleration, hard turns, speeding, and impacts. These events are tracked and reported with the corresponding video so that you can make training decisions and alter driving habits that might be costing you a lot in repairs and fuel efficiency. 

Safety Track Fleet Management Systems allow you to monitor everything from hard braking to excessive idling times. By monitoring and improving driver behaviors, you can increase your fleet efficiency by up to 14%.

Safety Track Dash Cameras for Any Fleet

Safety Track Real-Time Fleet Cameras are an excellent tool for any fleet: Taxis, ambulances, delivery services, limousines, bus lines, and more. No matter what industry you are in, Safety Track Fleet Camera Systems will make your operations smoother and reduce costs.

In addition to cost savings, Safety Track Fleet Cameras provide an added level of safety for your drivers. A camera in the cab deters burglars and people who would cause harm to your drivers. The presence of a camera has also shown to increase productivity as both a deterrent from distractions and as a result of training created by the footage. 

Safety Track has the fleet management solutions that will help you cut costs and keep your drivers safe. 

Since 2002 we’ve been providing companies with a complete line of fleet & trailer tracking along with (elogs) for DOT compliance. Safety Track provides the best safety and tracking solutions and applications to fit you or your company’s needs. Contact us at 1-888-286-9829 to learn more about how our fleet dash cameras can save your bottom line!

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