How Safety Track has been Responding to COVID-19? : Sustainable Ways to get through Pandemic Times

The things have improved since March 2020. The pandemic hit all of us hard but at Safety Track we all are adapting the changes and brainstorming new ideas to make sure we keep our customers’ & employees’ safety as our topmost priority. Following safety protocols have become ‘New Normal’ and being involved in the business of providing the GPS Tracking systems, it becomes mandatory to make sure that we follow these protocols. Our customers have mentioned that after installing our GPS Tracking systems into their vehicles, they have observed a significant difference in their drivers’ behavior, and they have become more sincere when they are on road or even when they are not driving. Safety Track is constantly encouraging the customers to follow the safety guidelines and working towards keeping our communities safe as well as our economy running.

How are we Doing this?

  1. Adapting with Change: To make sure that our business run smoothly, we have been following safety guidelines inside and outside the office. When our field staff visit the customers for installation, they make sure that that the necessary precautions are being taken. Right now, when the community is becoming safer as most of us are getting vaccinated, we continue to wear masks, maintain social distance and make sure to fix the appointments before visiting the customers.
  2. Improved Services: Because of the changing times, the work has become more flexible. Our Tech Teams stay on call even on Saturdays and Sundays for emergencies to make sure that the work is being take care and customers are not left unattended.
  3. Your driver’s safety is our Priority: In these challenging times, the drivers work for more shifts and spend more hours on road. Due to this, they are more likely to be fatigued. With these extenuating circumstances, it is more important to prevent accidents by proactively assisting drivers. Our Dash Cams to an 8 Channel DVR with Live Streaming Video, you will gain insight into your driver’s performance and will be able to keep an eye on drivers’ safety and ensure that they are not fatigued or distracted.

We continue to support our customers by closely monitoring public health guidelines. Communicating relevant and helpful information to our employees as well as customers and following all the safety protocols at our workplace remains our priority.

If you have any feedback or suggestions you would like to share with us, please reach out to us on [email protected] – We are here to Help & Serve you better.

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