In 1993, after years of intense product research and development, Englert, Inc. introduced the LeafGuard® brand gutter, a patented one-piece leaf and debris shedding gutter system. The Leaf Guard gutter system revolutionized the industry by providing an innovative one-piece system for residential and commercial application, with a lifetime, clog-free guarantee. Today, the Leaf Guard brand continues to be a trusted source for quality and reliability, backed by the Good Housekeeping seal.

With these big opportunities and big success, came along bigger responsibilities to handling the employee’s behavior and taking care of their safety. This is when the Safety Track was approached by Leaf Guard. They were looking for a solution to a specific problem. They wanted to improve their fleet safety and drivers’ behavior. So, they purchased live cameras and GPS Tracking system from Safety Track. These products not only helped them improve their driver’s behavior but also gave them the ease of managing their entire fleet.

Our installation staff and technical team was very much involved in the entire process and helped them with all the questions and concerns they had throughout the purchase cycle. At the end, Leaf Guard was very satisfied with Safety Track’s products and services. They continue to be our most prominent customers. Safety Track wishes Leaf Guard much more success in their future endeavors.

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