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Creating a Smarter & Safer Fleet

Creating a Smarter & Safer Fleet

In today’s day & age, managing your fleet tactfully has become a necessity. Fleet management offers far more than just viewing your vehicles on a map. Armed with real-time access to vehicle location and status, Fleet Management takes care of everything. Fleet operators can now be better equipped than ever to make sure their business is as safe and operationally efficient as possible.

Fleet management refers to the overall actions that take place to keep a fleet running efficiently on time, and within budget. It is the processes used by fleet managers to monitor fleet activities. This effortless Fleet Management results into:

  • Fleet Safety
  • Fleet Efficiency
  • Ensuring Fleet Compliance
  • Driver and Fleet Security

Fleet Management Features Improve Fleet Safety by Generating customizable reports with data collected to see where and when drivers engage in risky driving behaviors. It Provides 24/7 access to reporting for anytime analytics and review.

Fleet Management Features Improve Fleet Efficiency by tacking vehicles en-route, in real-time, to manage routes.

Fleet Management Features Improve Fleet Compliance by logging driver hours electronically – lessening paperwork, user error and potential for interference. It also automatically records and reports on trips, and places it online for easy access and review.

Fleet Management Features Improve Fleet Security by supplying driver identification tags to protect assets from unauthorized usage and restrict drivers to pre-defined vehicles.

All these reduce fuel costs and improves customer service. 54% improvement in customer service was seen because of effective Fleet Tracking in the year 2020.

Safety Track’s Vision is to continue to lead the industry in Fleet Safety Technology with ongoing development of Hardware and Software Solutions. Our Fleet Tracking Systems uses the latest technology to provide you with the data you need to track and view your vehicles. You can find out more about our Fleet Tracking Systems by emailing us at [email protected].