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Safety Track Announces Safe Drive Systems Partnership

Safety Track Announces Partnership with Safe Drive Systems

Today our CEO Jeffrey Stoker announced that Safety Track will be working with Safe Drive Systems to develop a new hybrid system that brings a higher level of Fleet Safety to the industry. This partnership will help drivers as well as Fleet Managers to use the most advanced radar collision system, along with the industry-leading live streaming fleet camera solution that will increase Fleet Safety. 

Founded in 2008, Safe Drive Systems designs, manufactures and distributes aftermarket technological solutions for the automotive industry. They are the leading developer of a unique radar and camera-based collision avoidance system integrated with a fleet management system. This system helps drivers to stay focused on the road while driving and prevent accidents. 

Safety Track has been providing companies with a complete line of Fleet Camera Solutions. Since 2002, Safety Track has implemented solutions for customers across the globe, giving fleet managers and safety experts the tools needed to promote fleet safety and better manage their business. Safety Track’s Award Winning 4G Live Fleet Dash Cam provides you with 30 Hours of Continuous Live Streaming Video and Remote Playback. It helps your drivers and reduces Risk Assessments and increases Fleet Safety using our Dual Camera Technology and our Complete Telematics Solution. 

Safety Track and Safe Drive Systems will integrate their hardware platform, helping drivers to stay focused on the roads and at the same time will let the Fleet Managers know how their drivers are performing on the road. This hardware combination will help avoid collisions on the road and will help fleet managers improve their fleet’s performance tremendously. The integration of these two platforms will raise the standard for road safety.  

These devices will be available for Customers & Fleet Managers by October 2021. To know more about these devices, schedule an appointment with Sales Team- [email protected] or 1-734-699-7633 ext.103 or visit the company website: