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The Best Fleet Camera with GPS Fleet Tracking System

The Best Dash Camera with GPS Fleet Tracking


There are many fleet camera platforms to choose from. Some have used two different systems integrated to give you the data you need.

I want to show you a new platform. Ones that are based on just one device. Everything in built into the camera. Yes, into the camera.

Looking for the best fleet camera on the market? Why would you be pressured into a camera from a company that does not lookout after your best interest. Are you just a number to them. Can never get a hold of support or your sales person. Stop looking to them for answers, all they want is a big bottom line.

You do not need a OBDII device to give you tracking and a WI-FI to make the camera go live. You do not need 2 pieces of hardware, 2 places to fail to give you what you want.

Now you can have it all, built into one piece of hardware. 

So, what are your choices:

An OBDII plug in device as its brain that is tethered to a dashcam via a USB cable. Seems a bit rudimentary. All you need to do is unplug the USB cable to the OBDII device and the camera is off.

Here is a different thought. Look for the Best Fleet Camera on the market.

Combine everything into one device. No unplugging, no excuses.

Embed the network card in the dashcam and you have what you need. Combine that with a world class GPS tracking Platform and you are set.

Take a look and let us know what you think, or better give us a call.