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4 Channel WI-FI Fleet Camera

Keep Your Eyes on The Driver, The Road, & The Vehicle

True Multi-View WiFi Fleet Camera System

Need more than 2 cameras? With the 4 channel fleet camera system, you get the ability to add 2 additional cameras to your system.

Connect to your WI-FI hotspot and you can now have a live streaming fleet Camera System

4 Channel Fleet Camera

In today’s rough economy, having the power to track your fleet vehicles, and also ride along with your drivers are valuable resources. The necessary electronics were once too pricey to be an advantage for small business owners, but now the 4 Channel WI-FI fleet Camera System from Safety Track Cameras makes this precious resource cost efficient with highly agreeable return on investment.

What if you could view your driver/operator in Real Time along with their surroundings and GPS location?

This 4 camera fleet system is easily installed and then you can view what the driver sees using the front camera, but also discover what the driver is doing while operating your fleet vehicle. Along with choices of seeing the side of the car or out the back window, or other possibilities of camera angles and choices are available.

Are your drivers watching their phone instead of the road? Sending text messages while driving is now known to account for more accidents than all other driving related mistakes. Each day’s information is saved to an SD card that may be removed from the camera and inserted into your computer. If you don’t like the hassle of retrieving the SD card, a WIFI adapter is available that can automatically download alerts to your computer.

Know the habits of your driver: harsh accelerating, hard braking, breaking speed limits, or any other driving mistake our 4-Channel Camera can help to prevent and give your fleet vehicle a longer life.

Now With Accessories:

Check out the accessories available for this camera or try our new Software Demo that allows you to preview sample camera data.

Fleet Camera Solution



Up To 4 Cameras

Windshield CameraWindshield Camera

Side View Cameras High-Resolution Two Camera Technology
(front view and driver compartment view)
Emergency Record button for events
GPS (Detect and Recording)

Smallest stop arm camera in the industry!
Smallest stop arm camera in the industry!

Ability to capture side collisions
Easy and quick installation
High-quality high-resolution cameras
Available in shown colors!

Rear view Camera
Rear View Camera

Energy Efficient/Compact Design
High-Quality resolution
120 Degree viewing angle


Memory Backup Card

4 Channel WI-FI fleet CameraWith the dual SD card slot, you can either mirror the first SD card or run them in tandem to get up to 512GB of storage.



With Insurance rates going through the roof and fleet safety always a concern, you need to know exactly what your drivers are doing on the road.  Event based recording are good, but only show you when something has happened. Now you can watch and see who are ou best drivers, before something happens.



This System was made for various size fleet and services.  Adaptable to serve as a workhorse in an environment like yours. We have seen dramatics resultsfrom lower accidents and frivoulous insurance claims to driver accountablity and improved safety. Add ing a fleet camera system will pay for itself in a short amount of time.

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