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Verizon Partner programUCIT-V Live 4G Dash Camera

**The Only 2 Channel 4G Dash Camera in America**

4G Dash Camera

4G Dash Camera

Today’s business economy is challenging to say the least. Keeping track of everything we do as business owners, managers and the like can be difficult and especially stressful. Many can relate. We can help.

  • Want to Improve Fleet Safety?
  • Have a Shrinking Budget?
  • Want to Get Rid of your Outdated GPS Tracking System?

In the world of business today, companies are constantly trying to find new ways to cut costs to accommodate their new budget numbers. Safety Track has been listening to those concerns and we understand the cost cutting requirements needed when it comes to the fleet and transportation sector.

That’s is why Safety Track has developed the first system of this kind in North America. The UCIT, 2 channel 4G Dash Camera.


Improve Fleet Safety: 4G Dash Camera
  • Have a speeding driver? Use our real time camera to track their driving behavior and reduce their speed, saving you $1500+ annually.
  • Review processes and procedures to ensure FULL implementation of your guidelines.
  • Replacing that expensive part all too often? Review the video and coach your operator on the proper way to operate equipment. Thereby alleviating those repair costs.









4 Highest Costs for Fleet Owners /Transportation Companies:

Fuel Cost:
Diesel has risen over the past 5 years by an average of 10% per year.
Drivers can take a toll on your fleet, hard braking/acceleration can impact your fleet’s budget.
Insurance Cost:
Having just one at fault accident can change your rates.
Legal Matters:
Ever “settle” out of court on a disputable insurance claim?
3G Dash Camera

What If:

You could view your driver/operator in “real time”? How about being able to review video while the vehicle is on the road?

You could see what your driver sees?

You could watch them live on the job?

Protect Your Company in the Right Way:

View your driver at any point during the day in high resolution over 4G* with real time camera.

Avoid frivolous insurance claims against your company.

Improve your fleet safety.

Reduce wasted time spent retraining drivers.



The Only 2 Channel 4G Dash Camera in America

Continuous Recording:

  • This 2 camera system has continuous recording capability so you never miss a moment even when you are not streaming live.

Streaming in 4G*:

  • Stream with a reliable 4G network and view your driver in real time as if you were riding along with them

Built-In GPS:

  • With Google Maps integration, you can see right where your driver is at any point via Satellite and Street view.
  • Historical reporting, alerting and geofencing.

Vehicle Route Tracker:

  • Keep track of your driver’s route and know where they have been and where they are going.

G-Force Sensors:

  • Sudden stops, hard acceleration, hard turns, speeding and impacts will be tracked and reported. With corresponding video to show what your driver was doing during the event.

High-Resolution Video:

  • With 720p video.*

*4G video signal may vary based on coverage area.


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