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Improve Driver Behavior

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems - Coming Soon!

Safety Track’s New Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), is a systems to help the driver in the driving process. Most road accidents occurred due to the human error.

Automate - Adapt - Enhance Your Fleet Safety System

ADAS System for Fleet Application

Build on the UCIT Live Streaming Video platform, you now will be able to be notified when your driver is distracted from focusing on driving. This technology gives you the ability to correct bad driving habits and enhance any safety program.

The ADAS System Is the Latest Fleet Safety Technology

Correct Driving Behavior.

How it works:

A camera faces the driver and focused on his eyes. If any of the above events take place, an audible alert would be announced to the driver over the in-cab speaker, letting the driver know to stop with the infraction. Also, a snapshot is taken of the event and sent to the server software and stored for reference later. A Great Training tool.

ADAS Advanced driver-assistance systems
The ADAS System


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