The latest in Battery Powered Asset Tracker

Safety Track launched it latest in a battery powered asset tracker on their new tracking platform. The ST-60 is small compact GPS Battery Powered Asset Tracker, made of high impact plastic. It is able to resist wear and tear of today’s trailer/asset market with up to a 2 year battery life. Locate your asset up to 2 times a day for easy retrieval or inventory purposes. The ST-60 can be placed horizontally or vertically on either the container or vehicle. No more lost equipment.


The ST-60

Battery Powered Asset Tracker

This small compact device is able to track non-powered asset one to two times a day. Great for a generator or a compressor.

Powered by 6 AA batteries and with a battery life of up to 2 years, this GPS Battery Powered Asset Tracker can provide a simple solution to companies who have large number of equipment on a job site.

The Battery Powered Asset Tracking Features:

  • Daily/Weekly locates
  • Alerts
  • Internal antennas (GPS/cellular)
  • Low Startup Cost – Starting at $179.95
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 2+ Year Battery Life
  • 6 – AA Batteries that you can replace
  • Monitoring Plans as Low as – $99.95 Per Year

If you need a customer configuration, no problem, just remember that anything more than 2 pings a day will use more battery life.

The ST-60 Battery Powered Asset Tracker is durable and waterproof, design to provide a small footprint on any piece of equipment. The batteries can even be changed by the end user. You will be notified when they are getting low also.

Battery Powered Asset Tracker

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