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Fleet Camera System Benefits

Fleet Management Improvements

Manage Risk

Better Fleet Risk Management.

With the Safety Track System, you can now improve fleet safety and mange driver’s behavior with Live streaming video. Maintain your company’s image and correct drivers’ bad habits.

Reduce Cost

Lower Your Overall Fleet Costs.

One collision can cost your company thousands in increased claims, insurance, fuel use, and vehicle maintenance. Live video footage will reduce overall fleet expenses and significantly improve your bottom line.

Live-Stream Cameras

Improve Driver Safety.

Identify unsafe and inefficient driving behaviors in your fleet, coach drivers to improve, reduce risk, and increase driver retention. Invest in your driver’s future, by helping them improve driving habits. With live streaming video and video playback.


Be Proactive Instead Of Reactive.

Over the past decade event video notification has been the gold standard by which everyone followed. Send the event notification to the end user letting them know that an event has taken place. Review the footage and see what happened. Use it for training your drivers so it doesn’t happen again. Then repeat.

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Control Your Fleet Costs & Safety