Live Stream Fleet Camera Benefits

Fleet Camera Benefits

Live Stream Fleet Camera

Identify Dangerous Driving Behaviors In Your Fleet.

Fleet owners spend thousands of dollars on driver safety training, only to find out at the scene of the accident, the driver was at fault. When a driver pulls out of your lot, most fleet owners rely on the honor system as it pertains to driver safety. Having the ability to ride along with your drivers can enhance safety programs and gives you the ability to maintain the advantage needed to improve the overall safety of your fleet.

With a Safety Track’s Live Stream Fleet Camera System you will be able to detect unsafe driving behaviors in your fleet. Now, you may coach drivers to improve performance, reduce risk, and increase driver retention. Improving these key factors can improve overall fleet safety for your company.

Safety Track Fleet Camera Benefits
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Control Your Fleet Costs & Safety

Stop The “DISTRACTED DARRYL” In Your Fleet

See Your Drivers Actions Live.

Distracted Driving, along with Drowsy Driving may only be recognized if it results in an accident. All too many times we find out of a driver issue after the fact. With Safety Track’s Live Streaming Fleet Camera technology, you can help prevent distracted and drowsy driving in your fleet.

Invest in your drivers

Help Your Team By Re-Educating And Re-Training.

By helping them improve driving habits. With live streaming video and video playback, you can now use the tools to focus on driving habits to ensure company policies are followed. Change driver’s weaknesses into strengths all the while improving company safety programs.

Improve DriverAwareness

Driving Events Captured On Video.

Safety Track’s Live Streaming Video can provide insights and coaching options that give you the tools to help improve your drivers’ performance and change bad habits—for good. Ride along with your drivers and correct bad driving habits

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Control Your Fleet Costs & Safety