The Safety Track Difference

Enjoy the Benefits of Working with Safety Track:

Do you know your Fleet Tracking provider?

It’s important to know who you’re buying your fleet tracking system from. Are they going to be around next year? Next week? Do they really know what is going on in the industry? Do they have multiple platforms to offer you, to meet your specific needs, or do you buy “their” product and HOPE it meets your needs?  Let us tell you about ourselves.

Safety Track

Safety Track was founded in 2002 and has been a national wholesaler and direct supplier of Fleet Camera and Tracking Technology to businesses. We provide the best solution and application to fit you or your companies needs. We can manage your assets via the web application or through the use of a software application. Safety Track is a comprehensive and proven solutions provider for the remote asset management industry. We have deployed applications for thousands of customers around the world since 2002.

So, Why Safety Track?

A remote fleet management application is a complex system that has many hardware, communications, and software components that need to be integrated together in order to work, be reliable and last a long time. Few systems are exactly alike, and customers have different requirements and problems to solve, even within the same industry. It isn’t easy, and it takes many years of real-life experience to get things just right. To implement a GPS solution successfully, you need a partner that understands your unique needs and has the industry knowledge and technological expertise to solve your problems.

At Safety Track, we know tracking.  Let us help you!

Use Safety Track to:

  • improve your bottom line
  • increase employee productivity
  • monitor employee driving habits and activities
  • reduce overtime, unnecessary hours and false time sheet submissions
  • stay competitive
  • eliminate unauthorized use of vehicles
  • verify service and billing
  • enhance customer service

Fleet Managers

Installing Safety Track on service and delivery trucks gives fleet managers a clear, real-time picture of vehicle activity. Know where vehicles are at all times – even when drivers are out of contact with the main office.


Armed with Safety Track data, dispatchers can react immediately to locate and dispatch the closest vehicle to a service call or accurately determine when a package will be delivered to a customer.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Safety Track’s low-profile and 24/7 monitoring capabilities are proving effective in helping law enforcement agencies monitor the whereabouts of suspects in criminal investigations.


Safety Track offers unparalleled security for vehicle dealerships, reducing costs associated with stolen vehicles. If a vehicle leaves its designated area, Safety Track provides immediate notification, then tracks vehicle movement and location around the clock, anywhere in North America.


Safety Track enhances the safety and security of family members in a number of ways. When installed on personal vehicles, it reports the location and speed of teenage drivers, helping to reduce accidents and fatalities in this high-risk group. For added security and convenience, Safety Track alerts users immediately if a vehicle is missing or stolen and provides remote operation of vehicle door locks and alarms.

NSA Award Safety Track

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