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Tracking Your Fleet Using GPS

GPS fleet tracking can cut costs and headaches while improving customer service and productivity, regardless of the size of your company. The technology, which continues to
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Fleet Tracking: Getting Buy-In from Drivers

As a business owner, it’s easy to see the advantages of launching a fleet camera system. The benefits might not be as readily apparent to your
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Tips For Commercial Drivers When Being Pulled Over

Life-Saving Tips Commercial Drivers Need To Know When Pulled Over For Speeding There are 9,717 people killed due to speeding on the road in the United States. According
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Top 3 Pain Points for Fleet Owners

When customers call Safety Track about fleet cameras and GPS, it’s usually after an event, like an auto accident or a lawsuit. Safety Track’s fleet cameras
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Benefits of Fleet Cameras

When overseeing fleet trucks, three issues influence every decision you make: cost controls, safety, and customer service. That’s why investing in fleet cameras to help manage
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Top Challenges Facing Today’s Fleet Managers

2018: A Year of Increasing Profits & Costs According to a recent survey from Bibby Financial Services, 2018 was one of the best years in history
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Do Dash Cams Improve Fleet Safety?

ADAS and Dash Cameras Credited with Increasing Fleet Safety Since the inception of the technology, manufacturers of ADAS systems and dash cameras have claimed that their
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Dash Cams – The New Rear View Mirror?

Could Dash Cams Replace Your Rear View Mirror? Although blind spots are a well-known source of accidents on American roads, the rear and side-view mirrors of
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Solar Powered Satellite Asset Tracker

Battery life has always been the Achilles heel of the Trailer or Non-Powered Asset Tracking Industry. But that could be changing now. With the release of Safety
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3 Seconds Behind the Wheel

October 1st, 2018. It’s here. Check out the airing of 3 Seconds Behind the Wheel. A PBS Documentary airing in Specific Markets. Watch this 6 month
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Bring your OWN SIM

Safety Track Announces a new Promotion: Bring you Own Sim Do you have a Major Cell Provider? Do you want the Ability to Stream live video
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Is This the Next Step in Fleet Safety?

Live Streaming Fleet Camera with Cloud Storage. Over the years we have reported new innovations in the fleet safety vertical. From the beginning, with the addition of
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