Bridgestone Develops Fuel Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Tires & Treads

Bridge stone tire tread environment fuelBridgestone, an industry leader in tires, has developed a new brand of tire technology they’re calling Ecopia truck tires and Bandag FuelTech retread solutions. The tire company released their new products at the 2012 Mid-America Truck Show. Vice President Scott Damon says this will be “one of the largest product launches in [the company’s] history.”

Introducing five new tires and four new designs for tire tread, Bridgestone plans to help fleets and drivers maximize their fuel economy while remaining environmentally conscience. The new tires offer lower rolling resistance, and the tread is designed for long and even wear. As a result, drivers can look forward to reducing their fuel costs by 5% and eliminating 29% of tire wear.

New tire technology is creating a lot of buzz this year with several company’s focusing on fuel costs and driver safety. Read more about Bridgestone’s new product line, learn about Goodyear’s self-inflating tires, or check out Continental’s ContiPressureCheck system.

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