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Bring Your WI-FI Hotspot & Stream Live Video

Connect with any Commercial Grade In Vehicle WI-FI Hotspot

SyncUp - Hum - Telegis - Onstar - CradlePoint
Cal Amp - Sierra Wireless

Safety Track’s Award Winning 2 Channel DashCam now can connect to your fleet’s commercial grade in vehicle WI-FI hotspot and stream live video.

Add a Live Streaming 2 Channel DashCam

T-Mobile Sync Up Drive

Gain insight into your driver’s behavior and what your driver sees. You now can use the remote playback feature and review video while the vehicle is out in the field.

HD quality video, live streaming capable and remote playback using data you are already paying for, gives this a hands down advantage over anything on the market.

  • Improve Fleet Safety
  • Lower Insurance Costs
  • Stop Frivolous Lawsuits
  • Document Your Good Drivers
  • Review Training Processes and Procedures
Cameras - Better Fleet Risk Management
2 Channel Live Streaming DashCam


  1. Suitable for fleets, personal vehicles, taxi, bus, truck……
  2. Small size, easy installation, and dismount, it does not affect the driver’s line of sight.
  3. Insert the card and power on to start recording without additional operating.
  4. Simultaneously recording interior and exterior condition.
  5. Having full time, date recording and display on the screen directly.
  6. Recording driving condition, sound, G-Sensor and GPS data.
  7. Front view angle approx. 120 degrees. Back view angle approx. 170 degrees.
  8. Recording track of driving routes which can be shown on Google Map when we play the video.
  9. Micro SD memory card Class 10 or above recommended.
  10. G-sensor sensitivity can be adjusted according to road situations. When detecting a strong shock, the system will start emergency recording and keep the files without being overwritten.
  11. Professional file formats, without built-in lithium battery, no needs to afraid of heat and bursting concerns, it is the real black box.

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