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Bus and Taxi Fleet Tracking

Bus and Taxi Industry

When used in the bus and taxi industry, fleet management systems are saving businesses money and seeing passengers safe!

Benefits of Bus and taxi Fleet Tracking

How Can Fleet Tracking Help My Bus and Taxi Company?

Fleet management plays an important role in the bus and taxi industry. With Safety Track’s GPS Tracking Systems and Fleet Cameras, you can:

  • Monitor traffic delays
  • Reroute drivers
  • Analyze and improve routes
  • Gain insight into the real-time daily activity of each vehicle in the field

Safety and Liability

In addition to reducing road and driving hazards, our systems work to keep drivers and passengers safe. The ST-In Vehicle Cameras capture reliable audio, video and GPS footage 24/7. This live feed can deter potential unruly behavior or criminal activity and can provide concrete evidence in the event of undesired scenarios.

When a 4 Channel WI-FI DVR is hooked up, you can stream live video through your router and back to dispatch. This works to ensure your drivers are following company policies and procedures while on the road. For more coverage, Safety Track offers an 8 Channel DVR. Increase visibility and prevent frivolous lawsuits with our fleet camera systems!


WI-FI hotspots can be used on tour buses to increase customer satisfaction. This will allow passengers to watch movies and surf the web.

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Safety Track is your one stop source for fleet management. Contact our team to discuss the usefulness of fleet cameras and tracking systems in the bus and taxi industry. We can help you find the right products for any business need!

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