Manage Risk with Fleet Cameras

Fleet Camera Benefits

Fleet Camera System

Seeing Is Believing.

Without sight and sound, you’re only guessing at the truth. Improve Fleet Risk Management.

Exception-based video is the most efficient and effective way to identify poor driving behavior. With a fleet video recorder, operators can more easily communicate inappropriate driving behaviors with drivers and correct behavior before it leads to a costly collision. Video is also the only way to capture indisputable evidence of what happened in a collision–protecting drivers and fleets from fraudulent claims.

Dashcam Live Stream
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Control Your Fleet Costs & Safety

Improve Fleet Risk Management

Manage Driver’s Behavior.

With the Safety Track System, you can now improve fleet safety and manage driver’s behavior with Live streaming video. Maintain your company’s image and correct drivers’ bad habits.

Make safety synonymous with your company

One Accident Can Change Everything.

Headlines – reputation all at risk in a moment. Using live Video footage to enhance your safety program and bring actions of change to your drivers will make the difference. Take the liability out of someone else’s hands by taking steps to prevent that accident, and thus providing a second witness for your driver if a collision does occur.

Reinforce Your Safety Process

Protect Your Drivers & The Community.

Every traffic incident sets your safety attitude back. Enforce better safety training to adhere to processes and procedures that protect your drivers and the community, should be your company’s top priority.

The Truth Will Set You Free

Improve Driver Habits & Reinforce Safe Behaviors.

Each driver in your fleet represents your company. Their driving behavior can make or break your company’s reputation. Live video data, along with telematics, will show you who has risky driving behaviors before they become an accident. Don’t be fooled with an event-based system, corrective action starts before the accident. Help your drivers improve their habits while reinforcing safe behaviors.

Prevent The "He Said,
She Said" Game

How Do You Know The Whole Story?

 So many viewpoints. What is the Truth? Now you will always know. Use the remote playback feature on the Safety Track Software, or just retrieve the video data from the locked DVR to prove that your driver wasn’t at fault and protect your company from wrongful blame.  Use the GPS Tracking reports to provide historical driving data or use the video footage to help promote better driver habits and demonstrate your commitment to safety.

"Speak with a Safety Track safety expert today”
Control Your Fleet Costs & Safety