Construction Industry Fleet Tracking

Construction Industry
Whether it’s reducing dangerous accidents by implementing a safety plan or ensuring the arrival of materials on time, the construction industry has many applications for Fleet Management Systems and In-Vehicle Cameras.

Construction Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Safety Track’s live cameras and GPS tracking systems make fleet management easier and more efficient. Our technology allows companies to: have dispatch capabilities, locate fleet vehicles in real time, receive maintenance alerts, and monitor driver behavior.

Construction Fleet Tracking

The construction industry is known for its tight, hectic schedules and sometimes dangerous work. Fleet tracking systems can make a significant difference. Companies can utilize in-vehicle cameras to monitor drivers and hold them accountable for any noticed reckless behaviors. This, in addition to dash cams, can be used to review accidents and help to prevent future incidents. It is important for construction workers and equipment to be on-site and on-time. Our systems mapping capabilities, powered by Google, can pinpoint vehicle transit locations and effectively reroute workers to nearby jobs. It can also provide real-time tracking of assets.

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Construction Industry Fleet Tracking

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