Driver Dispatch Fleet Management System

Driver Dispatch Fleet Management System
Driver Dispatch Fleet Management System

Route your vehicles and communicate with your drivers using the most user-friendly GPS-based route management and communications system available today – at a price you can afford…

Safety Track proudly offers the Driver Dispatch Fleet Management System.

Cost effective and driver friendly, the Driver Dispatch Fleet Management System was designed to provide companies with cutting edge tools for tracking, routing, dispatching and messaging. Reliable real-time wireless connectivity combined with voice-aided guidance make this the perfect tool for drivers, dispatchers and customer service.

  • Uses Low-Cost Garmin Navigation TerminalsDriver Dispatch Fleet Management System
  • Color Touch Screen Available in Many Sizes
  • Directions Based on Vehicle Type
  • Voice Navigation Directs Driver to Each Stop
  • Device Displays Driver’s Entire Route
  • Driver is Notified of New Stops and Messages
  • Driver Can Send and Receive Messages

Driver Menu

  1. Simple and easy to use, reducing the learning curve and increasing driver acceptance.
  2. Icons appear on the screen whenever a new job is received on the device. By touching the icon, the driver is immediately presented with a new job or message.
  3. Certain messages allow the driver to answer a question or simply acknowledge they have read the message.
  4. Jobs may contain the customer name, address and a comment giving the driver additional instructions.
  5. Jobs can also be delivered with a sequence number to establish the order the jobs are to be processed.

All a driver needs to do is pick a job and hit GO. With the vehicle type set to truck, the Garmin device will immediately begin giving directions while keeping the truck off non-commercial roads.

Driver Dispatch Fleet Management System

 Message View

Driver Dispatch Fleet Management System

Driver Dispatch Fleet Management System

  • Send Messages By Driver or Fleet
  • Request a Read Receipt
  • Ask a Yes/No Question
  • Get Delivery Notifications in Real-Time
  • Filter Inbox by Driver
  • Outbox Filtered by Driver, Message Type and Message Status
  • View Mail from Prior Days
  • Closed Message System Keeps Drivers from Messaging or Communicating with Friends and Family          

Dispatch View

Driver Dispatch Fleet Management System

Turn by Turn Navigation

  • Each Job or Stop is Tracked in Real-Time with the Status Displayed on the Map for Easy Monitoring
  • The Start Time, Arrival Time, Completion Time and Departure Time of Each Stop is Posted in Real-Time
  • Drivers Can be Sent Multiple Routes Per Day
  • Stops Can be Added on the Fly to Any Route
  • Distance to Stop Displayed in Route

Route ManagementDispatch Software

  • Create Multi-Stop Routes Using Existing locations or Type in an Address on the Fly
  • Routes Can be Saved, Edited and Scheduled in Advance
  • Routes Can be Temporary or Permanent Depending on Business Model
  • Routes Can be Fed Electronically from Corporate Systems Using Safety Track’s Data Exchange Service


Benefits of a Tracking System

The Benefits of a Fleet Management System with Dispatch can impact your bottom line. Improvement can be seen in each of the following areas:Performance


Reduce Costs

One of the biggest costs for a fleet owner is the vehicle themselves. Next to the employee cost, it can be overwhelming to maintain a fleet. Our system gives you the tools to manage and reduce fleet cost.gas can dollar bills


You will see an immediate improvement in all areas of you fleet overhead cost. The biggest area can be customer satisfaction. When a customer is happy with your business, he will recommend your business to others.Fleet Maintenance Trends

Improvements to Your Fleet

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