Driver ID with Automatic Driver Assignment

The Problem:

Driver ID

Many companies have multiple vehicles and several drivers working various shifts and who are not always tied to a vehicle; making it difficult to keep track of who did what in which vehicle on what day. Assigning a driver to a vehicle is typically a manual process that is done by the dispatcher. If they forget or do it or do it after the fact it’s difficult to identify and correct problems and coach drivers to a remedy.

Fleet Tracking Driver ID

Driver ID

The ideal solution to this problem is the Driver ID & Automatic Driver Assignment solution which removes the manual step of switching drivers from one vehicle to another in the Safety Track platform and has it occur automatically when a driver gets into a vehicle.

Primary Message

Driver ID & Automatic Driver Assignment; always know which of your employees is behind the wheel of which vehicle.


Product Description

Using a dedicated key fob for each driver and a magnetic button in each vehicle, drivers quickly login to a vehicle before each trip ensuring that all driving information is associated with that driver.


Customer Pain Safety Track Solution
Assigning a driver to a vehicle in the GPS platform is a manual process done by the Dispatcher. With Automatic Driver Assignment (Driver ID)dispatchers no longer have to manually move drivers from one vehicle to another.
My vehicles are driven in shifts. I don’t know who did what during what shift. Drivers can quickly and easily check in and associate themselves with the vehicle that they are driving.
My reporting doesn’t accurately reflect my drivers when they move from one vehicle to another vehicle or when someone else is driving the vehicle. No matter how many drivers or shifts operate in a vehicle, vehicle information always is associated with the correct driver when using Automatic Driver Assignment
I can only run reports based on the vehicle. I can’t run a report based on the driver Accurate driver based reporting for management.

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