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Duel Lens / 2 Channel 4G Fleet Dash Cam

Live Streaming Video - Remote Playback - GPS Fleet Tracking - 30 hours Continuous Stream - Telematics

4G LTE Fleet Dash Cam and Telematics

Safety Track’s Award Winning 4G Live Fleet Dash Cam provides you with 30 Hours of Continuous Live Streaming Video or Remote Playback. Ride along with Your Drivers and Reduce Risk Assessments and Increase Fleet Safety using our Dual Camera Technology and our Complete Telematics Solution.

Live Dash Cam Technology

Gain insight into both your driver’s behavior and what they see using dual camera technology on this dash cam. Dual camera technology allows you to see what the driver is doing and improve Fleet Safety. You can even monitor your fleet with this dash cam using recorded GPS data. 

Fleet Dash Cam Features:

Lower Insurance Rates:

Stop those frivolous lawsuits for good. Our 4G LTE Fleet Dash Cam documents your driver’s habits so you can review training processes and procedures. This is a cost-effective what to improve fleet and driver safety.

4G Fleet Dash Cam

'3 Seconds' Documentary

See Why Connecticut Public Television chose Safety Track’s Fleet Dash Cam for their documentary.

PBS Documentary using Safety Track’s Dash Cam

Live Viewer Software


Frequently Asked Questions

There are many types of dash cams. 

Basic: which records video and stores it on a SD card within the device. To Playback video, you must remove the SD card from the device and play it on software on a laptop or desktop computer.

Wi/Fi: All the same features as a basic but gives you the ability to connect to the device via WI/FI and watch the video reply.  

Event Upload: all the features of the WI/FI device but gives the ability to upload event video for storage and playback to your server, or computer.

Live streaming: 

Has all the features as the others but provides the ability to stream live back to your cell phone or desktop computer. Remote playback can be available giving you the ability.
How do I watch a video from my dash cam?

With the remote playback feature on the Safety Track system you can playback video from your desktop player.

This depends on how much storage you have inside the dashcam. The larger the SD card the more storage it will give you. Compression ratio is a key feature also. H265 compression can give you up to a 50% increase in video storage on your device. 

With the Live Stream Dash Cams, you can download footage in various ways. The software allows video download to your desktop to review at a later time. You can also retrieve the SD card to download to your computer.

A complete dash cam system can provide your company and team the ability to lower fleet cost and prevent frivolous lawsuits. Current platforms are long lasting and can give you years of reliable performance. ROI can happen within the first week in the event of an accident.

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