EMS Redline Members

Welcome EMS Redline Member!


As you may know, Safety Track has partnered with the EMS Redline Association to provide exclusive discounted pricing for members.

Whether you’re interested in tracking your vehicles or placing a camera in them, Safety Track can outfit any sized fleet.  We’re providing EMS member discounts on all of our products, so e-mail or call us when you’re ready to take advantage of these great deals.

Specifically, our vehicle camera has raised a lot of interest for EMS Redline members. Some of the enticing benefits of this product include the ability to obtain/review event footage, review/improve driving routes, monitor/train drivers, prevent costly court scenarios, and to discover reasons for EMS vehicle delays.

Read more about our In Vehicle Camera and new WIFI Adapter below.

EMS Flyer

In Vehicle Camera Labels

Vehicle Camera Labels


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