Estimates for Next Generation Fuels

An interesting report was released entitled “Projected Outlook for Next Generation and Alternative Fuels in California 2010-2030” explaining that investments and further advancements in alternative fuels will begin to result in considerable decreases in the use of gasoline and diesel.

While the reports’ data was gathered from within California’s borders, the findings represent alternative fuel uses worldwide in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases.  The report claims that widespread use of alternative fuel sources will not be recognized until 2030 based on the lifespan of the current vehicles on the road right now.  It also predicts that current fuel sources such as gasoline and diesel will be required in roughly 80% of lighter duty vehicles in the year 2030.

The expected alternative fuel sources that will emerge will be bio-diesel and renewable diesel as vehicles began to slowly shift towards these sources over time.  Ethanol, hydrogen, and electric vehicles will not be quite as prevalent by 2030.  However, the report does indicate that light duty vehicles will begin to electrify the drive train and implement rechargeable plug-in outlets in vehicles on a very wide scale.

Click here to read the full report in PDF format.

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