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Fleet Camera Solutions

Choose the Right Fleet Camera Solution

Today’s business economy is challenging to say the least. Companies are constantly trying to find new ways to cut cost and run more efficiently.

Fleet Camera Solutions

Safety Track’s new Fleet Camera Solution can help you lower operating costs and improve your fleet safety all in one system.

  • Want to improve fleet safety
  • Have a shrinking operating budget
  • Lower Insurance claims and cost
  • Replace your outdated GPS system

Safety Track offers a wide variety of Fleet Camera Solutions that will improve productivity and reduce operating cost of any size business. Start today!

Fleet Tracking Systems
  • Low startup Cost
  • HD quality Video
  • Integrated GPS Fleet Tracking
  • LIVE – Basic – or WIFI uploads – You choose

Have a speeding driver? Use our real-time camera to track their driving behavior and reduce their speed, saving you $1500+ annually.

Replacing that expensive part all too often? Review the video and coach your operator on the proper way to operate equipment thereby alleviating those repair costs.

Being sued for an accident that wasn’t your fault? Have undeniable video evidence during your hearing

Correct Issues with your Fleet
UCIT Fleet Cameras - Real Time Streaming Video Fleet Camera
HD 2 Channel DashCam camera-system

Change Your Drivers Behavior

  • Tamper Resistant Design
  • Dual Lens, small and compact
  • Suitable for fleets, personal vehicles, taxi, bus, truck...
  • Small size, easy installation, and dismount will not affect the driver’s line of sight.
  • Simultaneously recording interior and exterior views.
  • Recording driving condition, sound, G-Sensor and GPS data.
  • Front view angle 120 degrees. Rearview angle 120 degrees.
  • Integrated GPS Fleet Tracking
  • Standard SD memory card Class 10

Our 2 Channel WI-FI Live Streaming Fleet Camera System is perfect for any size Fleet. Offering 720P resolution and a long, continuous recording mode, you can protect your fleet and its drivers with this cost-effective Fleet Camera. Connect to any commercial grade Fleet Hot-spot within your vehicle and you can stream live Video. 2 Channel Recording

  • WI-FI Live Stream Capable
  • High Video Resolution (720P HD)
  • Continuous Recording
Janus HD 2 Channel System Support
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Control Your Fleet Costs & Safety
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