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Fleet Camera Features

What would having live streaming video do for your company? Lower insurance cost? Improve training? Make decisions quicker? Now you can see what your driver is doing at that exact moment. Check in on your driver during any point in the day with our New Live Streaming Fleet Camera System!

Fleet Camera Solution
Dash Cams for Your Fleet
Dash Cams for Your Fleet

Safety Track’s Passive Fleet Camera System is perfect for any fleet vehicle. It gives you the ability to see all you need to. Remove the SD card and use the Desktop player and you can replay the hour, or the full day. GPS mapping is included so you will know where everything happened. Great for training or process improvement. This the perfect Fleet Camera System

Safety Track’s WIFI Fleet Camera System is available in 2 or 4 channels. It gives the same great information as the Live Fleet Camera System, but without additional cost of a data plan. Now you can upload the full days video data and store it for as long as you need too. Manage you OWN data. Need live Streaming capabilities, then add this system to your fleet WIFI hotspot and use it to stream video to your desktop.

HD 2 Channel DashCam camera-system

This is the latest in Fleet Safety Technology!

ADAS Advanced driver-assistance systems
The ADAS System
Included in this system is lane departure. This monitors the driver’s ability to stay in his lane and prevents him from wandering. .

Build on the UCIT platform, using our Live Streaming system you now will be able to be notified when your driver is distracted from focusing on driving.

The ADAS system for fleet application is the latest in Fleet Safety Technology

How it works:

A camera faces the driver and focused on his eyes. If any of the above events take place, an audible alert would be announced to the driver over the in-cab speaker, letting the driver know to stop with the infraction. Also, a snapshot is taken of the event and sent to the server software and stored for reference later. This system is a Great Training tool!

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