Fleet Management Devices

Safety Track offers a wide variety of Fleet Management Devices that will help you manage your fleet more efficiently. With over 16 years of industry development, listening to our customer and putting together the right hardware and software programs to fit your tracking needs, Safety Track offers multiple systems to help you find the right system for your needs. No longer to do have to use the system that may not be the best for your companies needs. We offer a simple Plug and Play device, all the way up to the Federal Mandated ELog requirement. GPS Tracking and Live Cameras can also help increase the overall Fleet Safety, along with lowering insurance claims, improving driver behavior, and customer satisfaction.



We offer a solution for every size fleet, from the simple Plug and Play unit, which plugs into your OBDII port and gives you all the features of our tracking suite, in a small compact design. We now offer diagnostics from the OBDII port to give you more information that can help manage your fleet more effectively. Information is power.




Dispatch screen

Need a fleet management device with full-featured tracking and dispatch, to give your drivers that added turn by turn direction. Send a days route to your vehicle or add a stop to their daily route. all on our easy to use interface. Now you can manage delivery route and stops from your PC and send routes directly to the driver via a Garmin interface.




HOS Safety Track offers the industry-leading ELog solution. We have partnered with VisTracks to provide the Elogs software, combined with Safety Track’s hardware and tracking platform to give you the necessary information to meet the Federally Mandated requirements. Want to add a live streaming dashcam to the Elogs, you can.

Pick a Fleet Management Device that meets your needs

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