Fleet Tracking Insurance Discounts: Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas

DiscountsSafety Track and GMAC Insurance have partnered to offer you a 10% discount on your insurance premium. If you have implemented Safety Track’s ST-M3G Fleet Tracking platform on your commercial vehicles, the discount is guaranteed even if you are already receiving additional discounts from GMAC Insurance.

The Safety Track platform offers driver safety and anti-theft features that provide customers with a tool to mitigate risk and liability. With Speed Alert and Posted Speed Alert functionality, fleet managers know immediately when a driver is speeding or being overly aggressive. Additionally, you can receive an immediate Alert if unauthorized vehicle activity is taking place.

An ISO Review article, Managing Risk through Telematics, cites, “Businesses that proactively utilize fleet management solutions have realized up to a 30% reduction in accidents.” Address risk management issues and protect your assets while improving driver safety.

This discount is currently available to the states of Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas with more on the way soon.

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