GPS Fleet Tracking Lite

GPS Fleet Track Lite

A Full-Featured Tracking Platform at a Fraction of the Cost

Add to any Live Streaming Fleet Camera System


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Improve Fleet Safety:
  • Have a speeding driver? Use our real time device to track their driving behavior and reduce their speed, saving you $1500+ annually.
  • Reviewing Processes and procedures to ensure full implementation of your guidelines.
  • Replacing that expensive part all too often? Review the Driver ScoreCard and coach your operators on the proper way to operate your fleet vehicle thereby alleviating those repair costs.










gps fleet tracking4 Highest Costs for Fleet Owners /Transportation Companies:

Fuel Cost
Diesel has risen over the past 5 years by an average of 10% per year.
Drivers can take a toll on your fleet, hard braking/acceleration can impact your fleet’s budget
Insurance Cost
Having just one at fault accident can change your rates
Legal Matters
Ever “Settle” out of court on a Disputable Insurance claim?


  • Want to Improve Fleet Safety?
  • Have a Shrinking Budget?
  • Get Rid of your Outdated GPS Fleet Tracking System?

In the world of business today, companies are constantly trying to find new ways to cut costs to accommodate their new budget numbers. Safety Track has been listening to those concerns and we understand the cost-cutting requirements needed when it comes to the fleet and transportation sector.

That’s is why Safety Track has developed the first Michigan based GPS Fleet Tracking system.

Tracking Lite:
Our most popular GPS Fleet Tracking solution 

  • Standard Features:
  • 30 Second Updates 
  • Driver Scorecard 
  • Posted Speed Alerts 
  • Dispatch Capable

Reports, Alerts, and many more tools to maximize profits and keep your fleet organized.

Now for $9.95 per month you can add a complete GPS tracking Suite to your Fleet Camera Solution.

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What if:

  • You could view your driver/operator driving habits?
  • You could WATCH Live how your driver operates your vehicle?
  • You could improve driver’s processes?
  • Would that improve your Fleet Safety?
  • Would you implement new training programs? ones that were needed.

Protect your company in the right way:
Pure Michigan


Fleet Tracking Benefits:

  • Optimized efficiency by closely examining your fleet’s routes, idle times, speeding alerts, rerouting options,
  • maintenance alerts, and more.
  • Save gas money by effectively planning routes and eliminating idle times with the alert system.
  • Theft is prevented by always knowing where your vehicles are.
  • Dispatch feature provides messaging to your drivers and turn by turn navigation for rerouting.
  • Employee locations are known ensuring they’re where they should be.
  • Reduced insurance bills are possible by enhancing safety.
  • Eliminate side jobs and after hour use of company vehicles.

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