GPS Tracking Locator for Autistic Children

GPS Tracking Locator Autistic ChildrenIt can happen to anyone. One moment your child is in your sights or by your side, and in an instance they’re not to be seen. It’s particularly difficult for parents of autistic children, whom demand far more attention. During school hours, matters can be even worse with so many children to keep track of.

Safety Track has developed a compact GPS tracking locator that gives parents peace of mind regarding their child’s location. Whether just curious to where they are, or in the event of an emergency, you can simply log into the web platform from any internet connection and immediately find your child with pinpoint accuracy. Additionally, geofences can be set up so that if your child roams too far away from the house, school, or other location, you’ll instantly receive a text message to you phone.

Learn more about our Autism GPS Tracking Device and eliminate the worry from your life.

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