GPS Trailer Tracking

Follow your trailers across country or up the street

GPS Trailer Tracking Systems

In today’s logistics market, there comes a time when your customer asks you, “Where is my delivery?” Now you can answer with real-time data on the location and distance the cargo is from his/her facility.

Safety Track’s Trailer Tracking solutions are unequaled in today’s market.

 With the Battery Tracker and its 5+ year battery life, with 2 or 3 pings a day, or the Live Trailer Tracker with either 10 or 30-minute real-time updates while the unit is moving, you will always know where you trailers are located.

Features from: 5+ Year Battery, 10 - 30 Minute Updates, Live Temperature Info

The TempDefender gives you real-time tracking with Live Temperature readings for cold storage tracks.

The Live Trailer Tracker system combines the best of both worlds. Real-time Trailer Tracking when the unit is moving, with 10 or 30-minute updates, and the ability to track them when disconnected from the tractor, provide by its 7-day battery backup.

Now you can watch your trailer move, real-time, on the map, for a fraction of the cost of other real-time GPS Trailer Tracking devices.

When disconnected from the power source, it has a 7 day battery life and will give you the last known position. Waterproof design, this unit will outlast your trailer.

The Live Trailer Tracker system
  • 7 Day Battery
  • Waterproof Design
  • 10 to 30 Minute Updates
worldwide trailer tracking device
  • 5 Year Plus Battery
  • WorldWide Tracking
Using true satellite interface, this unit can track worldwide.

The ST-1000 is a World Class Trailer Tracking device that can track containers too. Check out the coverage map of this truly remarkable device. With over a 5-year battery life, it is the latest in GPS Trailer Tracking Technology from the leader in GPS Trailer Tracking.

Our Trailer Temperature Monitoring system provides businesses with state of the art temperature monitoring unit for Refrigerated Trailers. Now you can have real-time tracking as well as monitor inside temperature with one system.

State of the art temperature monitoring unit for Refrigerated Trailers

The TempDefender provides you with the added peace of mind for your cold hauling needs.

Refrigeration Monitoring and trailer tracking system
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Real-Time Trailer Tracking

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