ST-Hydro 4000 | Fleet Fuel Savings

Hydro 4000 – Reduce Your Fleet’s Fuel Cost by 20%

Hydro 4000With the ST-HYDRO 4000 you now have the ability to increase the mileage of your fleet with every fill up, also lowering the carbon footprint of your vehicle. Using distilled water, air and the electricity from your vehicle, the ST-HYDRO 4000 creates Hydrogen gas. This gas, when mixed with your fuel, either Gasoline or Diesel, creates a hotter burning, better performance fuel mixture that gives you back the added mileage you have been losing.

The ST-HYDRO 4000 uses distilled water with no chemical additives such as lye or baking soda, which are bad for the environment and are illegal in some states, while also reducing the emission of harmful greenhouse gasses into the environment.

Turn your Vehicle into a Hydrogen Hybrid Today

With the Hydro 4000!

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