Hydrogen Fuel Cell

A lot has been discussed about the Hydro-4000 and hydrogen fuel cells that are on the market currently.

We have installed numerous Hydro-4000 units into fleet vehicles and other types of vehicles over the past four months.

With the current price of gas around $3.50 per gallon, does it make sense to install a hydrogen unit on your car? Let do some math here and figure out the answer.

We have seen a minimum of 25% increase in fuel mileage from our largest fleet operator. This vehicle travels over 300 mile per day and was averaging about 8.8 MPG. With the Hydro-4000 installed on the Isuzu turbo diesel the mileage increased in the first 30 days to 10.88. An increase over about 22%,

The second month increase was an additional 8%. Total increase was 30% or 2.64MPG.

Now let look at the numbers. 300 miles per day @ 8.8 MPG, the number before the Hydrogen unit was installed. Daily fuel consumption would be around 34 gallons of diesel fuel. Diesel being around $4.50 per gallon, total daily cost would be about $153 per day. Now if you calculate the 300by 11.44MPG you use 26 gallons of fuel. That cost is $117 per or about $36 savings.

With the cost of the unit at $1200 and about $300 to install, the total cost is about $1500. The return on investment is 42 drive days to recoup your investment on the unit. After that the savings is all yours. The icing on this cake though is that the cost and installation of the hydrogen unit is 100% tax deductible, thus saving an additional $300-$400 per unit on your taxes.

Plus you get the feeling that you ARE doing something for the environment

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