Improving your fleet safety while cutting costs!

Safety Track GPS fleet tracking is always about ways to improve the safety of fleets and companies across the world. What if we told you that while following our plan to become a safer fleet it could save you money in the long run?

Safety Track’s fleet tracking is here to help cut costs on many areas of the business and save you money all around. Check out safety tracks Return on Investment form to get an estimate of what you could save by using Safety Track’s Fleet Tracking. Or check out Safety Tracks idle calculator that can give you an estimate of how much you will save by cutting down on some of your fleet vehicles idle time. But we won’t leave out how you can also get insurance benefits by adding our fleet tracking to your vehicle. All around Safety Track’s GPS fleet Tracking is here to help you manage your fleet while also giving your company the satisfaction of saving money. Even check out the Fleet Tracking Free Online Demo offered by Safety Track to show you exactly what you will get with our products.

Along with Safety Track’s Fleet Tracking there are other ways to improve the safety of your fleet

Check out Safety Track’s Camera systems to improve safety all around your fleet.

Our in vehicle 2 camera system is designed to let you view what your fleet driver is doing while driving while also showing you what they see with a front facing camera out the windshield. The In Vehicle Camera is designed to help manage the behaviors of drivers while they are traveling in your fleet vehicles. Comparable to the In Vehicle Camera system we now offer a Four Channel Camera that now can give you four different views from cameras all around the car. If there is a need to improve the way your driver views anything this is perfect for a fleet. Check out how they handle other drivers on the road while watching how they handle themselves in the cab. Both of these options offer WIFI capable uploads straight to your fleet managing software each time they return to the station or office.

If there is just a need for something simpler in your fleet check out Safety Track’s Backup Camera series. Available in Wireless or Wired systems you can now give your fleet drivers a better idea of their surroundings.

For more information on any of these products check out or call us at 888.286.9829

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